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 Let Zolnier and the power of the Internet take student orders off your plate.  When you set up your own student portal, students can order their own supplies. 

Web Portals Empower Your Graduates

(and make your life easier)

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With a student portal, your students can take the link you provide and login to order their graduation supplies. They get exactly what they need, and it’s one fewer task for you.  There is total flexibility – you control what’s available in the portal, who pays, and who receives the shipment.   We even make sure your students get your contract pricing.

Normally, having a portal set up is over $1,500.  However, for a limited time, we are offering the service 100% free of charge.  Take advantage soon – the window on free portals is closing soon.

We never charge maintenance fees, annual fees, or any other cost.  You can even deactivate and re-activate your link at no charge, with just the click of a button.

The form on this page will get you started.  Once we receive the information, we’ll set you up on our end and be in touch with information to customize your portal.

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